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We are convinced of our dream to make the world a better place and to improve life in healthcare. With the right amount of confidence, we will achieve what we want in this.

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Our personality is shaped by the people we interact with, the opportunities presented to us, how much we believe in ourselves and how much discipline we have. That’s a mouth full. Yet it brings us where we are now. Thanks to you.

We are entering familiar territory every day.
The care. With you. We are experiencing the developments: an aging market with more and more people in need of care. Nursing that lacks hands, especially at night. Their care for clients are changing, even though their heart for care continues to beat the same.


The question to us is clear. More control at a glance. Being able to see remotely. Efficiency, so that more effective care can be offered. Changeover support. Limitation of false alarms. Safeguarding privacy.


These wishes don’t just seem ideal, they are. We are always looking for knowledge, in everything we do we see an opportunity to learn something new and we wait for a special moment. We are proud to announce that we have realized your wishes. In a simple application, available to everyone, for now, or later. The Bossy┬« Smart Mattress, our Smart Mattress 2.0.

Smart matrassen, Bossy smart matras

Connect, Watch Follow and take Care

Constant developments

Deron is constantly identifying and identifying developments in healthcare. This enables us to adapt our products and services even better to the care for the elderly in the future. Together with our suppliers, we take a critical look at our products in order to constantly raise the product range and quality to a higher level.


With the subsidiary ConnectFoamCare, we have a new development for the healthcare market. The market is aging and more people need care. Nursing is short of hands and is under constant pressure, especially at night, partly due to the many budget cuts. ConnectFoamCare comes up with a superior development. The Bossy. A combination of two top products: the renowned Bossy and integrated sensors based on light technology. With the innovative Bossy, an extra pair of eyes is watching. ConnectFoamCare connects the client with the caregiver through the mattress. The Bossy mattress incorporates sensors that measure the client’s presence, absence and lying position. This information is transmitted to the caregiver via the platform. You Connect, Watch, Follow and take care.


Limabeds’ bed line consists of high-quality beds that have a wide bearing surface due to their specific features. All beds have a high-low function that ensures the stability of the bed even in the highest position. Particular attention is paid to patient safety and user comfort of various function options. In combination with connectfoamcare, there are now possibilities for a smart bed. In which edge detection and client weighing are among the possibilities.

Longer home stay

In today’s society, seniors need products and services tailored to longer stays at home, with informal care by their own children or family members central to the process.

‘I was looking for a watchful eye within healthcare, without violating clients’ privacy. It turned out to be unfindable and so I made it myself.’

Wilfried Grimberg


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