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Our responsibility is high. As your partner in healthcare, we want to continue to enrich your daily life by offering more comfort. Take care in the prevention of pressure ulcer.

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Our requirements

As always, our demands are enormous. What we need are foams with an open cell structure, high resilience, that are durable and, note, washable. Swiss foams meet all our requirements. Manufactured in the mountains, at lower air pressure, our SensiDense offers even higher resilience and pressure reduction. Tensile strength is also phenomenal.


Modern sleeping and old-fashioned awakening is important. Both in elderly care, where people often lie in bed for a long time, and in healthcare. The difference lies in the application and the wishes. The Presstige® Mattresses consist of the best foam types with the highest-quality, fire-retardant properties that guarantee optimum support and a correct lying position for a long time.

Knowing Your wishes

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Good moisture and air regulation

continuous load

The foams used in the Presstige® Mattresses have good moisture and air regulation, which means they can be used in healthcare during continuous and long-term use. Due to the open cell structure and the absence of oily substances, heat and moisture are better conducted and heating is avoided.

Prevention decubitus

Reduction of shear forces

Prevention is of course better than curing. The right choice of the best material is essential. The composition and construction of the mattresses determine the application. For example, the top layer of Presstige® Memory Foam Soft is cut into a cube structure. As a result, the mattress reduces shear forces and, together with the great breathability, the mattress can be used preventively and in many cases also curatively for decubitus up to and including category 2.

DeQpress HRC AD
Evopore 150 P Bluekopie

Pressure distributing HRC foams

A unique formula

This pressure-distributing Swiss HRC foam brings a new innovation in comfort. Due to the unique formula
with which this foam is produced, the material has excellent stability during use and will hardly lose its hardness. Various tests therefore prove that the lying behaviour of this foam remains much more constant compared to conventional HR and Polyether foams. Of course there are variations in the profiling of the foam and the stiffness and tensile strength can determine the application of the use.
For example, the soft variant is used for a lower weight class and the firm variant for a higher one.
That makes sense.

Pressure relieving Foams

A unique manufacture

This pressure-reducing foam is also Swiss made. The foam has a low temperature sensitivity,
is highly breathable and has excellent heat and moisture regulation. Due to its unique manufacturing method,
SensiDense is able to withstand very heavy loads over extended periods. The foam has a higher SG value without the addition of oily substances, and has a breathable open cell structure. This viscoelastic foam has the property of providing pressure relief under normal ambient temperature. The SensiDense foam is used in mattresses to prevent decubitus up to and including category 2,
and in many cases even has a curative effect too.


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