Our strength

High quality, reliable service

Our central premise is reflected in the personal touch we bring to our products and services.
For over 25 years, we have been providing care products that enrich the daily life of both the client and the caregiver. As a matter of principle, we want our clients to be totally unburdened. Hence our complete package of service elements.

We make The difference


Our Deron team stands for a more than high-quality, reliable service. You want that too. Personal advice from our account managers. Tailormade products to your individual needs. Optical or technical, or both. But in any case with the shortest possible delivery time. And also in such a way that we fulfil your extra wish: the disposal of your “old” products.

Everything is completely in line with Deron’s philosophy. Nice and different.


We want to contribute to a more sustainable world with the highest possible level of well-being. And intentions alone will not get us there. So time for action. Time for circularity and digitization. Or a combination of these. Time to also meet the needs of our customers. Our specially trained teams are at your service. With Soof®; our fully circular mattress. With the Bossy® Smart Mattress; our most innovative product that improves the well-being of clients and caregivers and relieves the pressure on care.

It is time for action and we are happy to do that together with you.


The world is constantly changing around us. Product development and innovation are crucial to continuing to provide you with the latest products and solutions. Together with our customers, we continuously analyse market demand and subsequently translate the need into high-quality product lines and services using our expertise. That way you will be seen.

This is how we make a difference.

Questions? We are happy to help

We can be reached on weekdays from 08:00 to 17:00 on telephone number: +31 (0)481 45 13 44. No urgency? If so, you can also use the enquiry form on the contact page.