The first circular healthcare mattress of The Netherlands

Our circular products

Our dream is to break traditions. After all, we always go our own way. Only in this way can we complete our mission. With Soof ® we want to help the Netherlands to become greener.

Your future Starts now


Soof® is unique. Everything is different. The goal is however the same. Constant change is necessary. Constantly improvements too. Contribution to a better environment for current and future generations. Soof® has been developed as a sustainable mattress. Born in the Netherlands within the Deron environment, with our trusted requirements for the highest attainable quality.

A new beginning

Designed, tested, and for you to be realised. Soof® takes more than just care for you. Soof® is the start of a new beginning. With Soof®, we are starting from a different form, without losing you out of sight. That is what you are used to at Deron.


The residual waste from foam cores and the pollution that arises is harmful to the environment. There is a great desire to make our foam cores more sustainable. To achieve results in the future, Deron strives for more than recyclables. To infinity. To circular. To Soof®.


The total CO2 footprint of Soof® is approximately 70% lower than conventional foam mattresses. This immediately saves us tens of thousands of kilos of CO2 emissions per year. The 100% circular core can be reduced to granulate. The raw material for a new Soof®. And that is what it’s all about.

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Infinitely reusable

More than just Circular

With Soof® we want to help green the Netherlands. After the first use, Soof® becomes raw material again for the next Soof®. In an infinite process. For our circular products this is endless. When burning or heating, the amount of toxic fumes is minimized. This is contrary to traditional foam mattresses and with this, the progressive Soof® contributes to greater safety. We would almost forget. Efficiency. Soof® cannot warp or deform. The addition of Pelprene® takes care of that. The mattress can be used both as a base mattress and as a preventive decubitus mattress. And the loadable weight? One Soof® up to 140 kg. One Soof® Firm up to 220 kg. One Soof® Extra Firm up to 300 kg.

Promising for decubitus

Improves mobility

With Soof® we are happy to take a big step forward. That should be possible given its limitless moisture- and air-permeability. Due to the pressure-dissipating properties, Soof® also withstands a continuous load without losing its valuable character. Flexibility. Comfort. Mobility. Soof® consists of fibres interwoven in a complex, three-dimensional structure. Impressive. Due to this open character, the mattress is not susceptible to moisture. Soof® will thus make a very important contribution to avoiding overheating. Soof® is characterized by spreading pressure. This innovative trait makes it easier for clients to turn and turn on the mattress. Due to its stability, Soof® also increases the ease of getting in and out of bed. Soof® is 30% lighter in weight than conventional foam mattresses. She weighs only 10 kg. It means less physical strain for healthcare staff when Soof® is changed or moved. Practical ease of use and Soof® go well together. That’s phenomenal.

SOOF_VRIJSTAAND_001 kindermatras 2 (1)

Soof in other applications

Relaxation and support

Soof is available in a children’s mattress but also in a seat cushion version. Soof® Kids weighs only 4 kg. For caregivers, it means less physical strain when changing or moving the mattress. Practical ease of use and Soof® Kids go hand in hand. That’s phenomenal. Of course, Soof® Kids also complies with European medical device laws and regulations and the mattress is CE marked, class 1 notified. Deron, as the manufacturer, is ISO 13485 certified. Soof® is unique. Sitting on Soof® is different. Everyone lives this special experience in their own way. Soof® is even more comfortable, even lighter in weight and has even better pressure relief than we are already used to from our high-quality foams.

100% Circular air permeable >950 (l/m2/s) ISO 9237

CO2 footprint 70% less compared to foam

Hygiene: Anti-bacterial properties; complies with JIS L 1902 / ISO 20743

Cleaning by rinsing. 100% water permeable.

A anti-bacterial Performance

Most functional cleanable mattress

The Pelprene® processed filaments ensure that Soof® has anti-bacterial properties. The mattress also does not absorb moisture, giving mold no chance to attach. The very open 3D structure allows Soof® to be disinfected quickly and effectively. Soof® is the most functionally cleanable mattress because it can be rinsed effectively under the water jet. Its water retention is so extremely low that it dries up to 300% faster than a foam mattress. Ideal when the mattress needs to be put back into use quickly. The 3D structure of Soof® is made of a series of continuous fiber cushions to which fabric fibers do not adhere.

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