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Our medical pillows

Assuming that the desire for comfort of both a head and seat cushion is hugely personal, we seek fulfillment in our premium materials. In doing so, we have only one priority. You.

The finishing touch


Presstige® Pillows consist of the pressure-reducing SensiDense foam. This Swiss-made foam has a lower temperature sensitivity compared to other pressure-relieving foams. This is a pleasant feature since the pillow is almost always in a colder environment.


By Presstige® Cushions, we really do mean a range of pressure-relieving cushions including a neck roll, knee roll, wedge, lumbar and various seat cushions. All with the aim of supporting you and providing the comfort you want. A pillow with excellent heat and moisture regulation. And secretly, your wish of a washable quality is also fulfilled.

Discover our medical pillow line

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Pressure relieving seat cushions

Pressure-relieving and pressure-ulcer prevention

Our series of pressure-relieving seat cushions are used for the prevention of pressure ulcers up to category 2, and in many cases they even have a curative effect. There is also a possibility to provide the seat cushion with a tailbone-free section. The difference in composition of the Memory foam seat cushion provides a wide range of comfort for every weight. There is also an option to choose a unique hybrid system where the foam core is surrounded by air. Through the valve, the seat cushion can be adjusted to everyone’s personal preference.

Circular seat cushions

even more comfortable than we were used to

Sitting on Soof® is different. Everyone experiences this special experience in their own way. Soof® is even more comfortable, lighter in weight and has even better pressure relief than we were used to from our high-quality foams. And to think that our Soof® seat cushion is anti-allergic and can be easily rinsed with water. Now that’s unique.

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Head pillows

Relaxation and support

During the day, the cervical vertebrae are under constant pressure. A better sleeping position and a good support of the head and shoulders provide more relaxation of the muscles and position the cervical vertebrae in a natural line. A good night’s sleep begins with a good pillow. Thus, you can choose pre-shaped neck roll pillows or a traditional shape. To create a good sleeping position, two requirements must come together. Relaxation and support.

Special pillows

For extra support

The specials including a Travel-, knee-, wedge-, lumbar cushion are of course also part of the collection of cushions that can be made. With the travel pillow you have an ideal pillow to use during your trip, the lumbar pillow gives extra support in the back while the wedge pillow ensures a correct sitting position. The knee roll relieves pressure on the lower back and abdomen while sleeping.

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Our foam in your application

One foam is not the other. For us, only high quality counts.

For every seat adjustment, the quality of the foam is essential. The pressure-reducing SensiDense foam is moldable, cutable, resilient and washable. That’s a lot in one. To reduce pressure in the right place without sacrificing proper support, three different firmnesses can be selected. Thus, any specific need can be met.

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