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Our requirements for a protective cover are enormous. For healthcare, we want a stretchable quality with a PU coating to give the incontinence cover anti-allergic and waterproof qualifications. Don’t you?

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Incontinence covers for healthcare

Mattress protector

To ensure the longevity of the mattress, we place high demands on our IC covers. The composition of both the fabric, 100% polyester, and the coating, 100% polyurethane, makes waterproofing reliable. The ic cover is composed of a bi-elastic fabric, making it stretchable on both sides. In addition, the ic cover is anti-bacterial, machine washable up to 95°C and easy to clean with a disinfectant.

Durable comfort


On top of safety, as a crib 7 standard for fire retardancy and high-quality PU coating, the ic cover has good breathability. In use, the ic cover is soft and friendly. Just like us, by the way. Due to these high-quality properties, the comfort of each mattress core remains guaranteed. With a 2-color cover, it is easy to see what is the top and what is the bottom of the mattress.

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MicroTencel 3D Deron 3

Fabric covers


These silky soft and comfortable mattress covers are made of a luxurious Micro-Tencel® combined with 3D material. This stable and durable cover improves surface moisture distribution and offers tremendous comfort.

Anti-tear covers


This anti-tear cover obviously provides extra protection for any healthcare mattress that needs extra protection, for example with clients with tearing behavior. The cover is stitched closed as standard, so the client cannot reach the core.


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