An answer to every challenge in prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers

Our Air-Flow systems

Naturally, these Air-flow systems consist of the very best durable materials. They increase lying comfort for the client and support the caregiver in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

Sleep on air


Our 25 years within the healthcare market provide us with a wealth of experience. We love what we do. We love our job. It’s the specific customer requirements that keep us on our toes. This creates a product out of dedication to be able to support your explicit care. Our range of mattresses seamlessly join the exclusive manufacture of medical Air-flow systems. With their automatic functions, they have the goal of complete control in prevention and treatment of pressure ulcer.


We are a distributor of PMS’s Air-flow systems. They have been manufacturing products for healthcare and rehabilitation for many years. In their balanced systems they offer combinations of fabrics like N/ PU and TPU, Airpads or wide Cells, and pumps with accompanying software that supports quality. Naturally with the highest production standards demanded in the market. With fast delivery time and in a variety of sizes. This is not hot air. You probably understand that we are happy with our cooperation.

Discover our air-flow systems line


A unique system

With various functions

With our Air-Flow systems, there is an option to choose a mattress replacement system consisting of Cell-on-Cell air strips; 1 strip lies on the bottom and the other on top. This makes it mattress replacement. To create floating heels, this system allows specific zones to be completely pressure-free. You can also opt for a system where there is a foambag space underneath to put in a 4-inch underlay mattress. This makes it mattress replacement, without the mattress being too high in combination with siderails, or to get out of bed. Unique to this system is the ability to make 210 length 200 by deflating and disconnecting the foot-Cell. Each mattress is equipped with a CPR function where, when activated, the client’s upper body touches the lying surface as quickly as possible.

Fully automatic

for worry-free prevention

Our ultimate Air-flow systems are used for treatment requiring extreme pressure relief. Thus there is a possibility to continuously monitor weight, position and pressure displacement and is automatically adjusted to the optimal setting. Together with other settings, the internal pressure is displayed in real time on a screen, where the comfort level can always be adjusted as desired. Using a hidden menu, the nurse can, if desired, adjust the system itself according to cycle time and Cell variation, between inflated and empty Cells. An automatic Fowler function automatically adjusts the pressure when the bed is moved to a sitting position. Fully automatic, for worry-free prevention and effective treatment of pressure ulcer.


For a specific treatment

requiring extreme pressure relief

In our air-flow system line we also have a system that is used if an alternating system is not possible due to a contraindication. The Cells have small holes so this mattress can be used for specific treatments where extreme pressure reduction is necessary. On this mattress the client lies more enveloped than on top of it. The mattress has a extreme pressure reduction is necessary. On this mattress the client lies more enveloped than on top of it. The mattress has a high airflow to create a thermal moisture gradient and regulate the microclimate, keeping the skin dry and cool.

Adaptable to care needs

To meet the high demands of employability

Our Air-Flow systems line offers many options, For example, Cells can be made of TPU with a static carpet pad and divide the mattress into four zones: head, upper body, legs and a reduced heel zone. Some Air-Flow systems have cells that can be individually replaced or sealed to create floating heels, for example. By combining with the pump, the system provides an answer to any challenge in prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. A dynamic mode for alternating function or continuous low pressure, where the pump guarantees optimal pressure at all times. A night mode with longer cycle time and adjusted pressure for greater comfort and habituation. A pulsating mode where the internal pressure will vary over longer cycles to stimulate blood circulation. And how about The nursing mode (Autofirm) that offers a stable lying surface for care and transfer. All this to meet the high demands of employability.


Heavier load

is no point

Our Air-flow systems are mattress replacement and can also be used specifically when the mattress is subject to heavier loads. For example, there is a version that can handle loads of up to 450 kg and is available in various sizes to ensure efficient pressure distribution for any weight.

The pumps

The pumps differ from each other in features such as: alternating/static mode, seat/pulse/Autofirm, cycle time setting, panel lock, low pressure/power failure alarm, auto-Fowler function, auto-adjustment, cable management system and constant low pressure. In addition, they are controlled both mechanically and digitally. Now the trick is to make the most efficient combination together with the pump and the right mattress.

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